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The Workplace Reset: A Leesman Data Briefing

Posted Oct 18, 2023 | Views 208
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Co-Founder @ Collective
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If there is one thing Leesman knows well, it’s data. And from a data perspective, it is absolutely clear that a whole system reset is needed.

This latest research aims to reset this post-pandemic workplace operating system. With analysis of the work patterns and workplace needs of over 157,880 employees, pinpointing what they do and what infrastructure they need to do it, we have established a new minimum viable office. If we are to re-establish a compelling need for the corporate workplace amongst those employees, then their corporate workplaces must successfully compete with their homes for the best place to be. This research study has uncovered those hygiene factors for effectiveness and plotted their complex interplay.

It is also a call to arms. A challenge to re-establish the ‘why’ of the workplace. What is the office ultimately there to achieve? What is its supreme purpose? We believe the workplace reset needs to start here – not with design but first with stating what role it is playing in achieving organisational objectives. Define the purpose of the corporate office and you can more easily schedule the functional requirements. Once function is determined, then its aesthetic form can flow from there.

Much of this reset is based on a belief that building a strong and positive corporate culture is easier when colleagues value the time spent with each other. They can only value time together when that time feels well spent. Our reset does not call for office attendance to be mandated or in any way contest the notion that greater location autonomy is a good thing. We are merely fighting for recognition that places of work must better understand the nature of the work that will be done there.

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